Certified Fitness Mixed Martial Arts Founation Leader Training (Provisional)

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Certified Fitness Mixed Martial Arts Foundation Leader Training (Provisional)

Course Objectives


At the end of this course, students will be able to:

• Understand the role of the trainer

• Demonstrate the appropriate level of competence in MMA techniques and perform providing clear instruction them in a routine workouts.

• Demonstrate understanding of safe and effective MMA techniques and exercise Activities.

• Educate individuals on benefits of MMA

• Provide Workshops and Training with a provisional certification

• To be well-equipped with valuable sports science knowledge that can holistically be beneficial for participants and coaches alike

• Implement optimal workouts, including those with no equipment

• Build a firm foundation in planning a MMA lesson

Course Content


• Introduction the programme: Certified Fitness Mixed Martial Arts Foundation Leader Training (Provisional)

• Understanding the Roles of a Trainer

• familiarisation of terminologies, stances as well foundation techniques found in Mixed Martial Arts, Exercise and Fitness

• Mixed Martial Arts Theory –Origins & History of MMA

• Proper warm ups and types of warm ups

• Applications of Exercise (Striking, Grappling and Ground Combative)

• Lesson conceptualisation, planning and implementation

• Applying E-resources to further develop an enhance lesson planning and teaching

• Administering fundamentals of First Aid and Handling Accident Injuries

• Class management and emergency

• Mixed Martial Arts fitness training components (levels/intensity/progression)

• Sparring, refereeing and supplementary activities

• Grading and ranking

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Education of Target Audience

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'N' Level or equivalent

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Managerial, Supervisory

Target Audience

Coaches, Fitness trainers and Sport Leaders

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Full Time, Part Time

Language Medium

English, Chinese

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As a Certified Fitness MMA Founation Leader you are able to provide Workshops and Trainings equivalent to a Qualified Fitness Trainer in respect to your Field of Training.

  • With a valid First Aid, CPR and AED license,
  • You may apply as a representative of Maximum Wellness
  • To coach at "Sports Clubs" and "People's Association Community Clubs" in Singapore to provide MMA trainings as licensed by Maximum Wellness island-wide as a second career.
Purpose of Grading

Grading is often used to serve multiple purposes:
– Training guide and baseline skills, for safe and effective contact combat.
– Administrative purpose of evaluating students and ranking.
– Educational purpose of assessing learning and progress towards class objectives
– Viewed as a motivator to some
Grading example

  • 30 conditioning techniques
  • Passing test requirements will progress participants to enrollment into mixed martial arts tournament
  • 50% Pass criteria with 2 max attempts
  • Special considerations (Individual Differences)